We're Bamba Vodka.

We're here to disrupt your perception of vodka.

Bamba Vodka is craft distilled in North Vancouver from 100% BC grown organic corn, 

The name Bamba was chosen as it is as versatile as the vodka itself.  It holds many different meanings and connotations around the world.

To us, Bamba is the pursuit of mastery, while having a good time!

  • Approachable

    We aim to provide you with great-tasting premium vodka at an affordable price.

  • Smooth

    A clean taste, complex mouthfeel, and an easy finish that is unrivalled. Say goodbye to that infamous afterburn.

  • Local

    Using all local ingredients with no added sugars, we're proud to work with local producers to deliver an exceptional product.

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Look for the lion at your local liquor store and restaurants!

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