Vodka that embodies the Spirit of Vancouver and the Majesty of the North Shore Mountains


Bamba Vodka is handcrafted in North Vancouver, BC.

We distill in small batches to ensure each sip is as good as the last.


Bamba Vodka uses responsibly sourced, organic corn, grown in BC’s Fraser and Okanagan Valleys, chosen for its sweetness and full flavour. 


Bamba Vodka is distilled using BC mountain water, known worldwide for its purity and taste. Traveling past The Lions, and into the North Shore’s Lynn Canyon, our water is both rugged and refined.


How do you Bamba?

We prefer our Bamba on the rocks with a slice of lemon.

Show us how you Bamba! Share your images using the hashtag #iBamba

Bamba Vodka Ltd is the exclusive representative for Bamba Vodka, crafted by Stealth Distillery- License 305995.