How Did Bamba Start?

Taking inspiration from the crystal clear waters that flow through North Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon, Bamba Vodka was created by North Vancouver native, Brandon McKeachie, to embody the mountains, the majesty and passion of Vancouver and British Columbia.  

After spending 10 years in the restaurant industry, working in Victoria, Vancouver, and everywhere in between, while having the opportunity to help open restaurants, Brandon noticed something very obvious…

Bamba Vodka

For instance, we see more incredible wines coming out of the new world, disrupting outdated perceptions that great wine only came from France and Italy.


We are seeing and embracing a shift in the world of beer from artificial ingredients and mass-production, towards premium ingredients and small-batch production. 


The beverage industry is changing...

We delight in the flavours of  bold whiskeys, exotic tequilas, and delicate gins, that reflect their origin and give a true sense of time and place, while also celebrating the craft.

Bamba Vodka was made to disrupt your perception of what vodka is, and how it should taste.  Bamba is crafted using only the highest quality LOCAL ingredients.  These ingredients, artfully combined, create an explosive, yet smooth, beverage that oozes sophistication. 

Combine the spectacular beauty of our province, with the equally spectacular flavour of Bamba Vodka!  

We'd love to hear how you Bamba!

Bamba Vodka Ltd is the exclusive representative for Bamba Vodka, crafted by Stealth Distillery- License 305995.